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Elevate your performance management initiatives to boost morale, strengthen retention, and attract top talent.

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  • 360 Reviews
  • Goal Setting
  • Check-ins
  • Individual Development Plans

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Empower Your People.
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The larger your organization, the more robust your performance management program must be to keep a feeling of isolation from eating away at employee morale. PrimePay gives you the tools to keep your organization close knit & your people productive, engaged, and invested in your organization’s success.

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Cultivate Excellence

Foster a culture of empowerment, collaboration, and continuous improvement amongst your team members with 360 review, 1:1 check-ins, and Individual Development Plans.

Whether it’s weekly check-ins to alleviate blockers, cross-functional feedback to ensure employees are working well all around, or development plans to make a clear connection between their career goals and your organization, each are catalysts of a motivated workforce working towards organizational success. 

Compound Strategic Efforts

Experience a surge in organizational productivity and effectiveness through streamlined goal-setting and management. Enable teams to work cohesively towards shared milestones and achievements.

Motivate your employees by making their impact clear and tying each of their OKRs back to your organization’s goals. Lead the way to making an impact.


Two employees carpooling to work.

Harness the Power of Insights

Don’t just think strategically, but take action with visual insights at your fingertips. Offer targeted support to those with lower ratings, implement employee feedback, and leverage succession planning to promote high achievers,

Have historical access to your performance review data and prove the value your programs are delivering to the organization.


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