Manage Your Time & Bottom Line

Employees not showing up for shifts. Buddy punching. Inaccurate employee timekeeping. Sound familiar?

The truth is, thousands of businesses deal with these types of time and labor management issues on a daily basis. We understand how to manage your employees at all levels, helping you easily schedule, track and pay your employees — all while maintaining compliance.

PrimePay Offers Efficient Time And Attendance Solutions

Time & Attendance Solutions

PrimePay Offers An Effective Employee Scheduling Tool

On-The-Go Employee Scheduling

Employee timekeeping can take up too much of your… well, time. PrimePay’s time and attendance tools offer the workforce management solution your company needs to increase business efficiency and manage labor costs.

From online and mobile-based applications to innovative time clocks, PrimePay makes it easy to integrate your labor tracking for a happier, more productive work environment.

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ReadySetWork is an online and mobile employee scheduling tool from PrimePay that streamlines the traditionally tedious process.

Through text, email and mobile app notifications, our employee scheduling software helps your business coordinate scheduling, shift replacements and so much more.             

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