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Keeping employees engaged and motivated in the workplace is both necessary and rewarding. One way to acknowledge and show appreciation for employees’ roles, efforts, and achievements, as well as their diverse backgrounds and experiences, is to celebrate them throughout the year. 

National employee and workplace days are prime, morale-boosting opportunities for employee recognition that goes beyond the usual celebrations of a promotion or specific milestone.

When is employee appreciation day in 2023?

National employee appreciation day falls on the first Friday of March every year. For 2023, employee appreciation day falls on Friday, March 3, 2023. Employee appreciation day focuses on employees across all industries and is a day to celebrate and recognize all achievements and contributions. This is a special day and an opportunity for company-wide activities.

But employee appreciation can be expressed year-round, as there are several days, weeks, and months you can take advantage of to honor employees for who they are. 

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With the help of National Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of 2023’s days, weeks, and months you may choose to celebrate, as well as nationally recognized history and heritage months that may hold special meaning in your workplace. Check out the list of employee appreciation day ideas below to view each month’s employee celebrations!

Important note: This is not an exhaustive list and may be updated throughout the year.

January 2023

All Month

Be Kind to Servers Month:

Spread kindness in the food industry through generosity and gratitude. And if you’re a restaurant owner, this is your chance to make your servers feel extra special.

Week of Jan. 8-14

Home Office Safety and Security Week (HOSS):

HOSS week encourages those who work from home to evaluate their workspaces to ensure any data security vulnerabilities are taken care of.

Monday, Jan. 9

National Clean Your Desk Day:

Be more productive, gain better focus, and feel good about your workspace this year. Clean up your physical workspace and don’t forget to organize those digital files as well!

Monday, Jan. 16

Elementary School Teacher Day:

Honor the early educators who instilled a passion for learning in us. And if you’re a parent of a young student or a leader at an elementary school, this is your chance to make teachers feel valued.

Monday, Jan. 23

Better Business Communication Day:

Master the art of communication to improve clarity, make better decisions, and operate more effectively. 

Monday, Jan. 23

Community Manager Appreciation Day:

Celebrate the hard work and dedication of community managers and vendors who work in the social media space.

Friday, Jan. 27

National Fun at Work Day: 

Inject a little fun into the workday to help with team building, foster happiness, create bonds with team members, and boost team morale.

February 2023

All Month

Youth Leadership Month:

Encourage the younger generations to assume leadership positions and make unique contributions to the community. This is a fantastic opportunity to encourage young people all throughout the nation to see their potential.

Week of Feb. 6 – 12

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week:

Recognize the unsung heroes that create a large percentage of the written material that is published in books, print magazines, newspapers, and the internet. This is a perfect opportunity to honor their laborious work that often goes uncredited. 

Friday, Feb. 3

National Women’s Physicians Day:

Celebrate Elizabeth Blackwell’s birthday — the first female doctor in the U.S. — and honor all women doctors across the country that help ensure our well-being.

Week of Feb. 19 – 25

National Engineer’s Week:

Thank an engineer this year and elevate their efforts from building the roads and bridges to the cars and planes we use to travel. 

Monday, Feb. 20

National Student Volunteer Day:

Encourage students to volunteer in their community. If you’re a student, take advantage of this day to support a cause you’re passionate about.

March 2023

All Month

National Professional Social Workers Month:

Pay tribute to the social workers who assist individuals and families in overcoming trauma and leading manageable lives.

Friday, March 3

National Employee Appreciation Day:

Acknowledge the importance of strong employer-employee relations to the success of any business and take time to connect with and appreciate employees.

Tuesday, March 14

National Organize Your Home Office Day:

Organize the clutter that has gathered in our home offices and create a conducive environment for working at home.

Wednesday, March 15

World Essential Workers Day:

Thank everyone who makes up the essential workforce, including the police, medical professionals, and others.

Thursday, March 16

National Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Day:

If you’re a small business owner, take advantage of this day to get together with your peers and share knowledge. This is also a day to recognize local small businesses.

Friday, March 17

National Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day:

Honor the role models who shape the minds of our children and are frequently their first contacts with the educational system.

Sunday, March 19

Certified Nurses Day: 

Recognize nurses for all the work they’ve done to obtain their professional certifications and thank them for their dedication to patient care.

April 2023

All Month

National Internship Awareness Month:

Appreciate the benefits of internships and the role they play in producing tomorrow’s talent by providing meaningful experience to professionals. 

Thursday, April 6

National Employee Benefits Day:

Celebrate people at work who make an effort to offer benefits to employees to positively impact their lives.

Friday, April 7

Walk to Work Day:

Recognize the benefits of walking as both an exercise and a counter to sedentary lifestyles by walking to work (if possible) or just taking a walk during the day.

Week of April 4-10

National Student Employment Week:

Celebrate student employees and employers as well as student employment practices across colleges and universities that help students develop skills and pay for tuition expenses.

Week of April 11-15

National Work Zone Awareness Week:

Encourage awareness of how all of us in the public are responsible for maintaining the safety of construction zones as well as workers and motorists.

Week of April 17-23

National Freelance Business Week:

Come together with your freelance community to share knowledge and engage in worthwhile conversations.

Tuesday, April 18

National Lineman Appreciation Day:

Appreciate the hard work of the linemen and women who work on power and phone lines to keep electricity flowing to our homes and businesses.

Tuesday, April 25

National Plumbers Day:

Show plumbers how much their work is valued in fixing toilets, unclogging drains, and helping to avert plumbing catastrophes.

Wednesday, April 26

Administrative Professionals Day:

Appreciate the contributions of skilled administrative professionals to the economy and help support their development in the field.

Thursday, April 27

Take Our Kids to Work Day:

Give your kid(s) a glimpse into the working world, help them learn about your job specifically, and even spark their career interest.

Friday, April 28

Workers’ Memorial Day:

Remember the many workers who have died or been injured while helping to build a more livable and comfortable society, and take the opportunity to show support for workers’ rights.

May 2023

All Month

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month:

Promote the importance of fitness and a healthy diet to the workforce and encourage employee participation in activities that offer physical and mental health benefits.

All Month

Small Business Month:

Celebrate the self-employed and those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Support a local business and get involved in your community.

Week of May 7 – 13

National Small Business Week:

Honor those with an entrepreneurial spirit and those who have helped our economy grow by bringing innovative ideas to life. This is also a chance for small businesses to learn from more established companies how to expand their own operations.

Wednesday, May 10

National Receptionists Day:

Appreciate the countless responsibilities receptionists take care of in many different office settings and the gatekeeping work they do. 

Week of May 15-21

Bike to Work Week:

Celebrate biking to work, healthy living, and safer transportation by taking part in a host of biking-related activities around the country.

Friday, May 19

National Defense Transportation Day:

Highlight the effort and dedication of the transportation sector’s workers in providing transportation services to the population and improving living standards as a result. 

Week of May 21-27

Public Works Week:

Recognize and shed light on the brave works that essential public workers play in our society and individual lives.

June 2023

All Month

Professional Wellness Month:

Emphasize wellness in the workplace to ensure business growth and success, attract top talent, and drive employee retention. 

Week of June 4-10

National Business Etiquette Week:

Acknowledge how the right business etiquette can build a positive reputation for your business and enhance everyday interactions.

Week of June 5-11

National Automotive Service Professional Week:

Be grateful for the superhumans who keep our rides operating. Thank them for their assistance and support when something goes wrong.

Week of June 14 – 20

National Nursing Assistants Week:

Thank nursing assistants for the important role they play in coordinating between patients and doctors and their dedication to serving others. 

Saturday, June 17

Global Garbage Man Day:

Honor the garbage men and women who collect our garbage and facilitate the disposal process that helps keep our society clean.

Tuesday, June 20

World Productivity Day:

Breeze through your to-do list like an absolute champ. Use this day to take a moment to relax, reward yourself, and recognize all your accomplishments.

Wednesday, June 28

National Logistics Day:

Recognize the network of logistics professionals throughout the country who tirelessly orchestrate the distribution, shipping, and transportation of consumer goods.

Thursday, June 29

National Work from Home Day:

Celebrate the workplace evolution that allows us to be productive outside the office and from anywhere in the world we call “home.”

July 2023

All Month

Global Enterprise Agility Month:

Adopt the agile mindset and spread awareness of how organizations and their people can remain resilient in the face of change.

Saturday, July 1

National Postal Workers Day:

Honor the country’s nearly 500,000 postal workers who work hard to deliver the mail and packages on time.

Monday, July 24

National Thermal Engineer Day:

Recognize the thermal engineers who understand the importance of heat as energy and manage it for our buildings and systems.

Tuesday, July 25

National Hire a Veteran Day:

Remind employers and job seekers of the valuable experience of veterans who have returned to civilian life and how hiring veterans enhance the workplace.

Thursday, July 27

National Intern Day:

Celebrate the integral role interns play in the workplace and how interning is a great opportunity for people to learn valuable skills and take the next step on their career path.

Friday, July 28

System Administrator Appreciation Day:

Acknowledge the critical role of IT system administrators in keeping the virtual world running, from troubleshooting and fixing issues to enabling businesses to reach their audience.

August 2023

All Month

Black Business Month:

Recognize and value the contributions that black-owned businesses across the nation have made to the nation’s ongoing efforts to promote diversity and equality.

Friday, Aug. 4

Single Working Women’s Day:

Celebrate single working women everywhere who do so much to contribute to society and the economy.

Tuesday, Aug. 8

National Braiders Day:

Recognize the cultural significance of hair braiding and the talent, hard work, and contributions of hair braiding professionals.

Wednesday, August, 9

Co-Working Day:

Recognize the accomplishments and promote the idea of coworking globally. Take this day as an opportunity to work with a colleague in a shared space.

Wednesday, August 16

National Independent Worker Day:

Honor those who have chosen to work independently, including independent contractors, small business owners, and freelancers.

Thursday, Aug. 31

Love Litigating Lawyers Day:

Show lawyers who work in the field of litigation your appreciation for the important work they do and support more positive perceptions of these legal professionals.

September 2023

All Month

Global Company Culture Month:

Spread awareness about company culture this September and explore how to improve your own company culture into something engaging and inclusive for everyone.

Saturday, September 2

Franchise Appreciation Day:

Support a local franchise and spread the word about their products and services. Use this day to your advantage as a franchise owner and learn something new that will benefit your business.

Wednesday, Sept. 6

Fight Procrastination Day:

Face your procrastination issues and promote practices that combat procrastination such as scheduling effectively and reducing distractions.

Week of Sept. 5-8

National Payroll Week:

Celebrate our country’s payroll professionals who do the critical work of paying America’s employees.

Saturday, Sept. 9

Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day:

Gain important insight into the lives and work of farmers, as well as agriculture, through entertainment, exhibitions and displays, tours, and other activities.

Monday, Sept. 11

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day:

Swap roles with the boss or an employee for a day and get a direct experience of the other’s work responsibilities.

Tuesday, Sept. 12

National Police Woman Day:

Acknowledge the contribution of female police officers who enforce law and order around the country, and encourage more women to join the service.

Wednesday, Sept. 13

Programmers Day:

Honor computer programmers and the many programs they’ve designed that benefit nearly every industry and business. 

Friday, Sept. 15

National Tradesmen Day:

Recognize the many skilled trade workers and technicians who provide essential services, from plumbing and electricity to building and construction.

Saturday, Sept. 16

Working Parents Day:

Appreciate all the working parents out there who not only work a full-time job but also care for children, the household, and themselves.

Monday, Sept. 18

Chiropractic Founders Day:

Celebrate the founding of the chiropractic profession and its contributions to healthcare, and how chiropractors can improve our overall quality of life.

Monday, Sept. 18

Global Company Culture Day:

Concentrate on making sure that your company’s culture maximizes productivity, profitability, and employee pleasure.

Friday, Sept. 22

American Business Women’s Day:

Recognize the long way American businesswomen have come in our society and continue to advocate for women in the workplace.

Monday, Sept. 25

Research Administrator Day:

Show research administrators appreciation for the significant role they play in a smoothly functioning research organization or educational institution. 

Tuesday, Sept. 26

National Compliance Officer Day:

Acknowledge the invaluable efforts of compliance officers in ensuring safe, ethical work environments that follow laws, regulations, and requirements.

Saturday, Sept. 30

International Translation Day:

Highlight the necessary work of translators and language professionals in helping others clearly and smoothly communicate in international circles. 

October 2023

All Month

American Pharmacists Month:

Show gratitude for the important work of pharmacists, especially their enormous efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All Month

National Medical Librarians Month:

Raise awareness of the role of health information professionals in the medical field whose work helps document the progress of medicine and enhances healthcare. 

All Month

National Work and Family Month:

Master work-life balance this October and learn how to set proper boundaries.

Monday, Oct. 2

World Architecture Day:

Appreciate the rich architectural works of the ancient and modern world and the talented people who design them.

Wednesday, Oct. 4

Improve Your Office Day:

Take some time to declutter and arrange your office to help you be more comfortable and productive.

Wednesday, Oct. 4

National Truckers Appreciation Day:

Appreciate the road warriors that deliver goods to us in all kinds of conditions. 

Week of Oct. 6-12

National Physician Assistant Week:

Celebrate physician assistants who are trained in a variety of medical conditions and tasks and complement a team of healthcare professionals. 

Tuesday, Oct. 10

International Stage Management Day:

Recognize the backstage heroes of theatre, music, and dance production who organize, coordinate, and support the entire performance on stage. 

Sunday, Oct. 15

National Aesthetician Day:

Recognize the many aestheticians across the country dedicated to helping us look our best.

Monday, Oct. 16

National Boss’s Day:

Acknowledge the great and dedicated bosses out there who shoulder many business responsibilities and keep the workplace humming.

Tuesday, Oct. 17

National Pharmacy Technician Day:

Recognize the vital role of pharmacy technicians in supporting pharmacists and pharmacy operations. 

Wednesday, Oct. 18

National Medical Assistants Day:

Bring focus to the critical and growing role of medical assistants who do everything from running the front office to drawing blood to checking patients’ vital signs and more. 

Saturday, Oct. 21

Police Commemoration Day:

Remember the brave policemen and women who lost their lives in the line of duty and express gratitude to those who continue to serve the public every day.

Monday, Oct. 23

National Paralegal Day:

Celebrate the paralegal professionals who do important legal research and handle enormous amounts of paperwork to help law firms function.

Monday, Oct. 30

National Publicist Day:

Appreciate the work publicists and public relations professionals do to ensure people across the globe receive accurate, proper communication. 

November 2023

Thursday, Nov 3

Project Management Day:

Recognize the significance of the job that project managers perform within our businesses. Appreciate the processes needed to make sure a big project is divided up into smaller, more manageable sections.

Sunday, Nov 6

National Team Manager Day:

Recognize the countless hours team managers invest in ensuring that their team’s entire season goes off without a hitch and all the effort they put forth in serving as the point of contact for coaches, parents, and players.

Friday, Nov. 10

International Accounting Day:

Thank accountants everywhere for crunching the numbers for our schools, banks, businesses, government institutions, and so much more. 

Week of Nov. 12-18

Nurse Practitioner Week:

Recognize nurse practitioners as highly educated and trained medical professionals they are who are dedicated to providing outstanding care. 

Week of Nov. 13-19

Perioperative Nurse Week:

Celebrate the hard work and contributions of nurses who handle patient care before, during, and after surgical procedures. 

Tuesday, Nov. 14

Operating Room Nurse Day:

Acknowledge the operating room nurses who prepare patients, assist surgeons, and maintain sterile environments during surgery. 

Wednesday, Nov. 15

National Entrepreneurs Day:

Honor the great entrepreneurs who built businesses and empires from the ground up and help shape the way we live today. 

Thursday, Nov. 16

National Educational Support Professionals Day:

Appreciate the hard work and dedication of education support professionals who help students inside and outside the classroom through a variety of valuable services. 

December 2023

All Month

National Write a Business Plan Month:

Focus on your business plan and take concrete action to help you gain ground over your competitors, secure funding, and succeed. 

Saturday, Dec. 2

Bartender Appreciation Day:

Raise a toast to the bartenders who serve us drinks and food, engage us in conversation, and help make our overall experience in a bar or restaurant enjoyable. 

Monday, December 4

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day:

Appreciate those who work around you and celebrate the accomplishments they produce, as well as the accomplishments produced together.

Wednesday, Dec. 6

National Miners Day:

Recognize the difficult and dangerous job of mining and show support for the miners whose hard work makes a difference in society in countless ways.

Friday, December 8

National Blue Collar Day:

Draw attention to America’s laborers and convey your admiration, respect, and gratitude for all they do.

Sunday, December 31

No Interruptions Day:

Put down the phone, and block as many distractions as you can to focus on key tasks. 

Additional Resources

National History & Heritage Months to Consider

February: African American / Black History Month

Honor the accomplishments of African Americans throughout the history of the United States, and recognize the importance of Black history to the American story.

March: Women’s History Month

Celebrate the contributions women have made in American history and recognize the specific achievements of women in a variety of fields. 

May: Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Pay tribute to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched America’s history and are instrumental to its success.

May: Jewish American Heritage Month

Honor the generations of Jewish Americans who made contributions to and helped form American history, culture, and society.

June: Pride Month

Recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals have had on local, national, and international history. 

November: Native American Heritage Month

Celebrate the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans, as well as the contributions they’ve made to the establishment and growth of the United States.

More Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Helping employees have a positive experience at work is key for improving job satisfaction. In addition to celebrating the days, weeks, and months listed above, you can also take a variety of specific actions in the workplace to show employee appreciation and keep employees motivated, such as company swag, gift cards, happy hour, trivia, ice cream or donuts in the break room, you name it! 

Whatever the celebration may be, enter the new year with these days, weeks, and months in consideration. Get your downloadable calendar!

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