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PrimePay is excited to announce our acquisition of ProfitKeeper, a leader in financial data consolidation and analysis, effective Oct. 1, 2018.

Established in 2004, Mesa, AZ-based ProfitKeeper began as a franchise-specific, online accounting software. Today, they provide a variety of services, including royalty and key-performance indicator reporting, to help franchisors and franchisees manage their businesses.

“Our passion is to help franchises understand where they need to focus to become more profitable, which in turn helps the franchisor grow their brand,” explained Kyle McEuen, President and COO at ProfitKeeper.

This acquisition is the result of a longtime partnership between ProfitKeeper and PrimePay. For over a decade, both companies have been working together to deliver an integrated solution of payroll and financial measurement services to franchise organizations.

“PrimePay has developed a franchise ecosystem model that offers innovative cooperation of integrated suppliers. By bringing ProfitKeeper under the PrimePay umbrella, we are further solidifying this ecosystem to ensure we continue to provide the best for our clients,” said Bill Pellicano, our CEO.

ProfitKeeper’s presence, coupled with our established history, will bring valuable resources through which both companies can benefit.

“PrimePay has a 32-year history. They are equipped with resources to increase efficiencies that will enhance our performance and value in the franchise industry,” clarifies McEuen.

ProfitKeeper employees will remain in Arizona, bringing their extensive franchise-specific knowledge and experience into a larger environment.

“We are thrilled to have ProfitKeeper employees join the PrimePay team. We look forward to helping them grow and continue building their careers,” noted Pellicano.

Both PrimePay and ProfitKeeper pursue a shared mission: to enable business owners to focus on enhancing their company.

“The best investment a person can make is investing in relationships,” McEuen wrote in a 2016 LinkedIn post. It is safe to say that this acquisition proves that sentiment.

You can see the full release on PRWeb by clicking here.

About ProfitKeeper 

ProfitKeeper has served the franchise industry for over 14 years, helping franchises become more profitable and grow their brand. ProfitKeeper is trusted by many of the most respected franchisors in the industry and partners with both emerging and mature brands nationwide.