“I wanted to be able to provide my people with information in a format that’s helpful to them. With PrimePay that’s absolutely possible and it’s also quick, easy, and immediate. I feel like a hero!”
Karen DeRasmo
Owner, Country Butcher Fine Foods

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PrimePay offers stability and support

From their first interaction, PrimePay made sure DeRasmo was never left to figure things out on her own. Instead, PrimePay provided exemplary client support from day one, ready to help through the process of starting her new account and managing her financial obligations to her employees. Once she completed the onboarding process, DeRasmo realized she didn’t need to worry about the fact that her employees resided in different tax regimes with different requirements for salary deductions. With the correct information captured for each employee, she could rely on PrimePay to perform the necessary calculations each week and produce the accompanying documentation. PrimePay also produces a full range of other, salary-related reports that DeRasmo and her staff find helpful.

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