What Is a Medical Leave of Absence?

A medical leave of absence is a type of leave provided to employees who are medically ill or faced with physical and/or mental conditions that make them unable to complete their job responsibilities. The Family and Medical Leave Act has a broad definition, and any serious condition that hinders an employee’s ability to function in their role, certified by their healthcare provider, will qualify for a medical leave of absence.

How much medical leave are employers required to provide?

Employers must provide up to 12 weeks of leave for medical purposes, regardless of payment for this leave. In addition, an employer may require an employee with paid leave forms leave to use their accrued leave as part of the 12-week leave period, which is detailed under the FMLA.

What qualifies for medical leave?

Mental health issues, notably depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder, can also qualify for a medical leave of absence. To deal with recurring illnesses, an employee need not take their medical leave of absence for a solid 12-week block; staying flexible is necessary.