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The HR dashboard became our go-to tool, providing valuable insights into turnover patterns and pay equity issues. This led to informed decision-making, like when we had to adjust compensation packages for our sales team based on data insights.

-Jamie Press, VP of Human Resources

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HR compliance isn’t easy, even for the most seasoned and proficient HR pros. Keep this checklist on standby for quick sanity checks whenever necessary.

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At PrimePay, we believe that learning should be fun. Dive into our HR Glossary, where you’ll find an extensive A-Z list of terms that you and your HR team can master.

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Your employees are your organization’s very core – Which means it’s important to empower them with every chance you get. But managing employees throughout the hire-to-retire process is no easy task. 

With over 80% of U.S. small and medium-sized businesses implementing robust HR software, what are the key functions a tool needs to provide to those organizations?

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Rise above challenges like a pro. Our curated resources empower you to conquer HR complexities and drive positive change. Stay ahead of industry trends, engage your team effectively, and implement best practices that set you apart.

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