The PrimePay Detroit office keeps the payroll motor running for small businesses all across the area! From payroll services to HR management, our service and sales teams are ready to exceed your needs.

Why We Love Our Detroit Area Office

Our Detroit team may be small, but we sure are mighty. We’re lucky to call the unique city of Detroit home with vibrant history and of course, sports. We're even luckier for a payroll team that’s like family.

Plant Chicago | PrimePay Testimonial

"I need to focus 100% of my time on the programming and the build out of this building. So working with PrimePay has allowed me to keep my focus where it needs to be and have someone else take care of our payroll, tax forms, and filings and all the things I just don't have the bandwidth for."

John Edel
Plant Chicago
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Our Solutions

Great employees are hard to find – and to keep around. Our product line enables you to focus on developing your greatest asset and in turn, experience business growth.

We provide accurate payroll services, efficient time clock software, cost-effective benefit services, comprehensive HR solutions, thorough insurance and compliance, and convenient merchant service options.

By placing your trust in PrimePay’s solutions, you can experience more business efficiency. Those processes and goals that you never had time for can soon become your priority. And you can nurture your valued employees from hire to retire, proving that your business wouldn’t exist without them.