WEST CHESTER, Pa. - PrimePay, a national payroll, human resources (HR), and benefit services company, today announced a partnership with TPA Stream, an insurance technology software company.

PrimePay’s partnership with TPA Stream is distinctive in that it provides clients with an integrated health savings accounts (HSA), flexible spending accounts (FSA), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRA) claims processing solution. Through their collaboration, PrimePay and TPA Stream will streamline health care claims processing by simplifying the burdensome administrative tasks required for tax-free reimbursement processing.

The health care claims integrated solution is targeted to be available in Spring 2020.

"Working together, PrimePay and TPA Stream aim to automate the entire claims collection and substantiation process for FSA and HRA clients across the country," said TPA Stream CEO, Jacob Sheridan.

TPA Stream is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company's web-based platform is utilized by health insurance and employee benefits administrators across the country.  The software platform helps administrators win new business, automate manual processes, and improve the way consumers take advantage of health insurance and employee benefits.

“PrimePay is excited about our partnership with TPA Stream and are eager to introduce this claims integration solution.  One of the elements that we value most about this solution is that it empowers our clients to effectively navigate and maximize their health care benefits," said PrimePay CEO, Bill Pellicano.

If you want more information on our automated claims processing in conjunction with pre-tax benefits, please visit primepay.com/benefit-services.

You can read the full press release on PRWeb by clicking here.

About TPA Stream

TPA Stream was founded in 2014 to make health benefits easier for employees and administrators. After years of experience at various software and healthcare-related companies, the three founders of TPA Stream came together to initially make Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) easier for employees. Since 2014, the web-based platform has been expanded to support various types of health insurance and employee benefits.  For more on the Cleveland, Ohio-based TPA Stream, visit TPAStream.com.