PrimePay, a national payroll and HR provider, was recently recognized as a Leader on the March 2018 FrontRunners Quadrant for Payroll Management. Powered by Gartner Methodology, FrontRunners quadrants highlight the top software products for U.S. small businesses.

Over 250 payroll management software products were evaluated to create the FrontRunners payroll management quadrant. The scores given were based on capability and value reviews from real software users and product performance details.

“We are honored to earn this recognition from an esteemed organization that small businesses use to make educated business decisions,” said PrimePay CEO Bill Pellicano, “It is nice to know that our clients think as highly of us as we do of them. We appreciate the confidence they have in us.”

The capability score is based on three criteria: user ratings on capability, a functionality breadth analysis, and a business confidence assessment. The value score is based on user ratings on value and product adoption. The overall score is weighted by: 

  • End-user ratings of one to five stars on overall product satisfaction, how valuable the product is relative to its price, and how likely they are to recommend the product.
  • A score, relative to other products in the market, for the number of professionals in the market who have experience with the product, the size of the product’s customer base, the total number of user reviews across the three Gartner web properties, and the average number of times per month consumers Google the product.

The companies selected were then categorized into four FrontRunner quadrants: Masters, Leaders, Contenders and Pacesetters. Depending on the needs of a software buyer, any of the quadrants could be a good fit.

A Master would be best for a business that needs a more specialized product. The Pacesetter offers greater functionality and features, but costs more comparatively. The Contender focuses on a more specialized set of capabilities that come at a premium price, which makes them ideal for companies with unique needs.

So, what makes PrimePay a Leader?

PrimePay was awarded a 4.80 out of 5 capability user rating and a 4.81 out of 5 value user rating. Leaders are all-around strong products that offer a wide range of functionality to a wide range of customers. These products are considered highly valuable by customers.

Gary Siegel, owner of San Francisco Auto Repair Center Inc., reviewed PrimePay on Capterra, which helped land the company in the leader quadrant.

“I use PrimePay’s services to run my payroll, to pay my payroll taxes, and to keep track of employee benefits such as sick hours, vacation and medical and supplemental insurance premiums. In more than 10 years with PrimePay, I have only had two different representatives handling my account. I love having someone who knows and cares about me when I call for help!” said Siegel.

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