There are 28 million small businesses in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration. That, in itself, is a success story worth celebrating. Another celebration? PrimePay would like to proudly announce that we received a Gold Hermes Award for our Client Crush series. The campaign was designed to inspire small business owners through client success stories in hopes the businesses can continue to grow and add to that impressive 28 million number.

What are the Hermes Awards?

Sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, this international competition showcases the work of creative professionals who concept, write, and design marketing and communication programs. 200 categories were open to any size business, including individual communicators and Fortune 500 companies. Learn more information about the categories and requirements here.

We entered into the Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media | Social Media | 133c. Consumer Engagement Campaign (Multiple Platforms) category with our entry titled, Celebrating Small Business Success Stories: Client Crush Series.

How the series was born.

We believes in the power of small business. It’s the reason we exist as a company – to make business owners’ lives easier. Our nationwide small business client base spans almost every industry imaginable, from restaurants and salons to mold removal companies and NFL publicists.

During a market research survey, we learned about the amazing stories those clients had to tell. And from that, the Client Crush series was born to celebrate and highlight America’s small businesses.

Our marketing team worked closely with the sales and service organizations to begin interviewing clients across the country. They created blog articles to help educate other small business owners with real advice from others like them. Along with the published articles, a full social media campaign and accompanying images and videos were launched to help the series grow.

“I would love to commend our marketing, service, and sales teams for working closely with our amazing clients to help them share their stories. Through this campaign we are really able to deliver on our mantra, 'we believe in the power of small business'.” said CEO Bill Pellicano.

The Client Crush series is far from over. We are excited to expand our efforts on a larger scale and continue to bring inspiration to light.

A few ways to check out the content.

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