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$59, $6 PEPM

$99/mo minimum

Perfect for Small Businesses with simple payroll needs.

Features include:

  • Payroll

  • Payroll Tax Filing

  • Onboarding

  • Workers Compensation

  • Reporting

  • Support

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$99, $10 PEPM

$199/mo minimum

Everything you need for more complex payroll, compliance and time tracking.

BASIC Features, and:

  • Multi-State Payroll

  • ACA Compliance

  • Time Tracking

  • HR Counsel

  • Basic HR Capabilities

  • Labor Compliance


Special Pricing

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The solution for businesses with 49+ employees who need advanced HR capabilities and designated support.

PLUS Features, and:

  • Next Day Direct Deposit

  • Applicant Tracking & Job Posting

  • Advanced HR Capabilities

  • Designated Support

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Small Business Plans
Features Description Basic Plus Premium
Unlimited Payrolls Process as many payrolls as you need at no additional cost.
Automated Payroll Run automated payroll by itself without manual effort.
On-Demand Pay Coming Soon! Offer wage advances to employees prior to payday at no cost to them, or you.
Payroll Tax Filing File federal, state, and local taxes automatically across 50 states.
Multi-State Payroll Process payroll in multiple states. Not Included
Direct Deposit & Debit Card Electronically transfer pay to your employees in time for payday.
Next Day Direct Deposit Expedited electronic transfers to your employees in time for payday. Not Included Not Included
Electronic Garnishments Garnishments are electronically deducted when processing payroll.
Bank Reconciliation Automatically ensure consistancy between the current period payroll and the payroll ledger.
Online Employee Portal Smooth online employee portal experience allowing employees to see total compensation and update direct deposit.
Employee Mobile App Easy to use mobile employee portal experience at the tip of their fingers.
File Import Tool Ability to import external data into the system.
Time Tracking & Attendance Digitally track employees time and attendance and synchronize with payroll.* Not Included
HR and Onboarding
Analytics and Reporting
Needing More?  We also offer supplementary products and services.

*Includes SwipeClock Software Integration. Hardware and premium features available at an additional cost.

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