PrimePay Online Privacy Policy and Information Security Statement.

At PrimePay we appreciate your concerns about privacy and confidentiality. Our clients have trusted us with their payroll needs since 1986, and it is important for us to maintain a high level of integrity. We want you to understand how we protect your privacy and some of the technological measures we take to protect your personal and business information.

Information Collection

With few exceptions, the information of yours that we collect or handle is information that you give us so that we can provide the services you desire from PrimePay, such as employee and payroll data. In addition, certain services may require us to request a standard credit report on your business from a credit reporting agency or specific credit references. In some instances you may contact PrimePay on our website, or PrimePay may contact you, as a result of a referral from a co-branded business partner who may supply us with limited contact information pursuant to a national program offering special benefits to you. In other cases, we may get your publicly available contact information from sources such as the Internet, professional or business organizations, or the Yellow Pages, or as a result of a personal referral from your accountant or bookkeeper, from another PrimePay client or from any other person. Finally, our website may retain certain personally identifiable or non-personal information from visitors to the site for internal maintenance and research purposes, which is discussed more fully below.

General Privacy Policy

Practically all of the services PrimePay provides you (our "client") involve the handling or processing of your contact information, employee compensation, withholding and benefits data, and in many cases individual client and employee banking or health information that you or your employees disclose to us under a service or other agreement providing an obligation of confidentiality on PrimePay’s part. It is also possible that, during the course of performing our services, talking to you, visiting your offices, or receiving information or communications from you over the Internet, we may encounter other business, employee or employee dependent information relating to your business or your employees of a nature and under circumstances such that a reasonable person would understand such information to be proprietary or confidential. For purposes of this Statement we will refer to all of this information, collectively, as "Client Information." We understand how sensitive this information is to you and are committed to protecting it and safeguarding your privacy.

Subject to the exceptions listed below, PrimePay will safeguard your Client Information with the same level of care and diligence with which we safeguard our own confidential information (which is never less than a reasonable level of care). All PrimePay employees are subject to a strict Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and all understand that it can and will be strictly enforced. PrimePay is committed to handling your Client Information with high standards of information security (discussed below) and will take reasonable technical, physical and operational precautions to protect your data and other Client Information. PrimePay does not sell or rent your Client Information to third parties.

Client Information - Confidentiality Conditions

  • PrimePay's undertaking to keep all of your Client Information confidential is subject to several standard legal and common sense exceptions. These are listed below:
  • PrimePay may disclose Client Information to our own employees, affiliates, or service providers who have a need to know in order for PrimePay to provide the services you have asked us to provide or other PrimePay services that could benefit you or your business. All of these parties will be subject to confidentiality restrictions comparable to those in effect with our own employees.
  • PrimePay will disclose Client Information when you authorize us to do so. For example: in order to provide our tax filing and payment service, you will have to provide us with a Power of Attorney authorizing us to sign your employment tax returns and speak to the taxing authority if the need arises.
  • PrimePay will disclose Client Information when your consent to disclosure is implied by the nature of your request for services from us. For example: if you ask us to get you a quote on your worker's compensation insurance, we will have to share certain Client Information with the insurance company and possibly a licensed broker.
  • While not a standard business practice, PrimePay legally:
    • may disclose any information already lawfully in its possession without any obligation of confidentiality;
    • may disclose any information that is developed independently by PrimePay or procured from sources other than you without obligation of confidentiality;
    • may disclose any information that is publicly available when received by PrimePay, or which becomes publicly available through no fault of PrimePay; or
    • may disclose any information that you disclose to another without obligation of confidentiality;
  • PrimePay may disclose Client Information in limited circumstances when in good faith we believe that disclosure is required under the law. For example: we may be required to disclose Client Information to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities, to comply with a specific legal process such as a court order, subpoena, or search warrant, or to comply with a law enforcement request
  • PrimePay may disclose Client Information in limited circumstances when in good faith we believe that disclosure is required under the law. For example: we may be required to disclose Client Information to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities, to comply with a specific legal process such as a court order, subpoena, or search warrant, or to comply with a law enforcement request.

PrimePay, from time to time, may offer features or services that may be accessed directly by employees or participants that may require the use of their personal information, and they will be given a choice to consent to such use or opt out of the feature or service.  Similarly, in a few instances PrimePay may bundle services of potential value to you, the employer, that necessarily involve the disclosure personal information of individuals and which may require you to notify each affected employee or participant of their right to opt-out of such disclosure.  In such instances you will receive written notice of this responsibility and detailed instructions as to the required notice to be distributed.

Third Party Relationships

We have limited relationships with third parties to assist us in servicing you, for example, by making certain specialized knowledge bases available to our clients. These service providers are contractually required to maintain the confidentiality of the information we provide them.

Additionally, we have business partners that provide services, some of which are co-branded. We clearly identify partner services and sites. When you request any of these products or services or a quote or other information on them, you are permitting us to provide your contact or limited Client Information necessary to the partner to fulfill your request or to verify your participation in the partner's special program or service involving PrimePay. Other than as discussed above, PrimePay does not sell, rent, share or disclose its clients' identities to other parties for marketing or promotional purposes.

Web Technologies

We use, or may in the future use, a variety of technologies on our Web site. Hits to our portal or other PrimePay landing site are tracked on our Web server only for purposes of managing our traffic and bandwidth usage, but are not linked to any name or personally identifiable login information.

On the other hand, if you choose to submit your sensitive payroll data via our Internet PrimePay Web interface, such data is only accepted on a secure, data-encrypted Web page behind a firewall, and your identity will necessarily be established both by secure login procedures as well as through “cookies” which identify your computer. Cookies are pieces of information that our Web site provides to your browser. Cookies allow us to track overall site usage and determine areas users prefer. Cookies also allow us to customize your visit to our Web site by recognizing you when you return. Although you can choose to decline cookies while at our Web site, doing so may limit your ability to access certain areas of the Web site. Most browsers accept and maintain cookies by default. Check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preference.

When we track activity on any PrimePay Web site, we collect information such as your IP address, browser type and version, and pages you view. We may also keep track of how you get to our sites and any links you click on to leave our sites. We do not track non-PrimePay URLs that you type into your browser and we do not track you across the Internet once you leave our sites.  We do not disclose your URL to other parties - this information is used for internal purposes only. We only use your Web site activity to assist you by aiding security, by reducing the need to re-enter your data and by helping us to resolve technical support issues. We may also use this information to offer you a personalized Web experience or to tailor our offerings to you.

You control whether you receive PrimePay promotional materials and may always opt out by clicking on the icon or checkbox that indicates you do not want to receive any promotional materials.

To provide you with a seamless experience, we may occasionally use framing or provide links to non-PrimePay Web sites. Though your browser may indicate you are at a PrimePay site, you may be on a partner's site. Also, you may be on a PrimePay regional or specialized site created for certain customers or purposes. To determine which site you are on, right-click on the site and then select "properties."

When visiting a partner's Web site or any non-PrimePay linked Web site, you will be subject to the privacy policies in effect with respect to that site. PrimePay has no control over that Web site's security or privacy policies. If you have questions about a Web site's practices, please review that Web site's privacy policy.

Information Security

PrimePay understands the importance of maintaining the security and accuracy of your personal and payroll information. We utilize advanced industry accepted security practices, including digital certificates, encryption and passwords to protect your personal and payroll information. We employ technological means for the backup and recovery of client information, detection and prevention of viruses and malware and site monitoring. We maintain advanced firewalls and other computer hardware and software to protect against unauthorized access or alteration to client data. These measures implement reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards that help us to protect our Client Information from loss or from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.

Digital Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides a method to verify that you are logging on to our server and not a site that is impersonating our server. Our server sends a digital certificate to your browser program before you log on with us. SSL lets you verify the identity of a server by viewing the site's certificate. A certificate is a way of associating a public key to a name. You can verify that you are logged on to our server by viewing our certificate through your browser program.

Data Encryption

Once the server is authenticated via SSL, your browser and our server will establish a secret symmetric key. This symmetric key allows your browser and our server to exchange encrypted data and is valid for a single session only. If you log out and later come back to our website, your browser and our server will negotiate a different symmetric key automatically.


PrimePay provides for the creation of a unique username and password for each user in your organization that must be entered each time a user logs on. Please be aware that passwords can remain in your browser's cache, which may allow access if your computer is left unattended.

A Further Word About Cookies

In addition to the cookie usage described above in relation to visits to PrimePay websites generally, PrimePay issues a separate “session cookie" only to record encrypted authentication information for the duration of each specific session during which an authorized user is logged in. The session cookie does not include either the username or password of the user. PrimePay does not use cookies to store confidential user information.  Instead, an advanced security method utilizing encoded session IDs has been implemented. The session cookie lets a specific, authorized user move from page to page in the secure parts of PrimePay’s website and stay identified by our system. Without the session cookie, each page would treat the user like a completely new visitor. The session cookie is a temporary file that gets erased when you log out or close your browser.


To provide additional protection, a timeout feature is used on selected parts of our website. This feature automatically logs you out of your account after an extended period of time.


PrimePay utilizes advanced hardware and software security systems including firewall, attack detection and anti-virus systems.

Physical Security

PrimePay utilizes secure monitored server hosting environments which feature redundant, high bandwidth internet connections from multiple providers, real-time network monitoring and management, 24/7 facilities access monitoring, environmental controls and redundant electricity. Non-H2O fire suppression systems are also utilized to protect the availability of PrimePay internet services.

Further Information

If you would like further information concerning our technological safeguards, please contact a PrimePay representative or write to us at the following address:

PrimePay, Inc.
Attn: Information Security
1487 Dunwoody Drive
West Chester, PA 19380

Changes to this Policy

This privacy policy may be changed, refined or updated from time to time without prior notice, so feel free to check periodically to make sure you are aware of PrimePay's most up to date privacy policies.

  Effective August 1, 2020.