The EX Factor: Why Employee Experience Should Be a Priority


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About This Webinar

Tune into this our webinar The EX Factor: Why Employee Experience Should Be a Priority and learn how these HR Leaders are revolutionizing their workplaces. Coupled with new data, our expert panel shares experience, examples, and tactical advice on how to create a positive employee experience.

Listen in to hear:

  • The best ways to collect employee feedback…and what you should avoid.
  • How to manage a multigenerational workforce so everyone’s needs are met. 
  • Communication tactics to earn a seat at the strategic table.
  • Ways to retain your people when flexible schedules aren’t an option.


Lorna Hagen: Lorna Hagen is a Human Capital executive with over 20 years of experience focused on building high-performance companies. She is the Managing Partner of Culture Playbook Partners and an executive coach to the C-suite. CPP works with CEOs to increase per-employee productivity by at least 15% within 12 months. Before starting CPP, she was Chief People Officer at Guild Education and iHeart Media. Lorna helped lead a successful IPO at OnDeck Capital and led the organization to 16 “Best Companies to Work For” awards. At Dow Jones, she executed a transformation of their HR technology, team, and work practices, inclusive of global compensation, recruitment, learning and development, and benefits administration.

Barry Marshall: Barry Marshall is a global leader with meaningful experience in risk mitigation, operational integrity, analytic modeling, and organizational strategy. He has scaled organizations of diverse sizes and geographic footprints, from seed and startup stages to the Fortune 100, Barry has built and managed teams creating unicorn impact for shareholders. Often pursued as a startup go-to, Barry is trusted by leaders for his sound judgment, creative approach, and operational insights. He is the father of three grown children, a marathoner (four and counting), and a global traveler. Barry is often found pushing the limits on a wakeboard and will tell you that a night is not complete without a Gigondas or Mezcal!

Lisa Parks: Lisa is a Human Resources Leader and Executive Coach with more than 20 years of experience. As Managing Partner and General Counsel at MacDougall Advisors, she redefined the employee experience and culture, culminating in MacDougall being named one of the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2022. During her tenure at MacDougall, Lisa developed a robust onboarding and mentorship program and increased employee engagement, leading to a 30% increase in retention. She has a passion for helping people find a path through intractable challenges to achieve their goals, and a particular affinity for coaching newly minted executives that are adjusting to new challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.