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Automate Benefits Between
Your People, Admins, & Brokers

HR, payroll, benefits brokers, and clients all have a stake in how efficiently and accurately benefits are selected, tracked, and managed. But when data is out of sync, things become problematic.

Out with the old.

A chase for data.

Outdated benefits management systems and processes fragment key employee data, leading to:

  • X

    Administrative Overload

  • X

    Data Inconsistencies

  • X

    Revenue Leakage

In with the new.

A win-win for everyone.

New-age, innovative, cloud-based benefits management provides:

  • Employee Self-Service

  • Workflow Automation

  • EDI Carrier Feeds

Reap the benefits from Benefits Administration software.

Enrollment Wizard

Enrollment Wizard

Experience the magic in benefits management.

  • Guided Benefits Enrollment Process

  • Increased Accuracy

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

  • Protect Employees

  • Make Changes With Ease

  • Enroll On-The-Go


Carrier Feeds

Get direct connectivity with benefits and insurance carriers.

  • Smooth Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • EDI Access Portal

  • Consumable Reporting

  • Timely Carrier Implementations

  • Open Line of Communication With Carriers

  • Simplified Carrier Maintenance



Put the load on tech, so you can deliver more.

  • Employee Initiated Life Events

  • Customizable Rules-Based Events

  • Automatic Benefit Option Generation

  • Adhere to EOI Standards

  • Pre-defined Workflows



A single integrated solution that covers all the bases.

  • Additional Benefits Platform Integrations

  • Integrated Employee, Payroll, & Benefits Data.

  • End-to-End Visibility

  • Quickly Make Changes That Impact Benefits

Time Machine

Time Machine Tech

Visibility into the past, present, & future.

  • Future & Retro Benefit Deductions & Calculations

  • Efficient Retro Pay Processes

  • Effective Date Actions

  • Benefits Eligibility Updates

  • Benefits Payout Accuracy

  • Historical Trends

  • Right-Size Future Benefits Packages

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of all billing from benefits carriers contain errors.


The average employer spends on benefit costs.

18 Minutes

Employees spend enrolling in benefits.

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Easy & Automated

Enhance the user experience with employee self-service and administrative workflows for easier, more efficient, and compliant employee benefits enrollment.

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Payroll & HR Connected

Benefits changes are quickly and automatically reflected in payroll configurations and other areas of the employee’s record.

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Attract & Retain Talent

Making benefits administration user-friendly helps ensure your company’s benefits program attracts, supports, and keeps your employees.

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Benefits Services

We provide the administration and compliance solutions you need to keep employees (and your wallet) happy. And we’ll make sense of all the benefit acronyms and the complexities behind them, too.

  • Pre-Tax Benefit Administration

  • Premium Only Plan (POP) Services

  • Retirement Services

  • Claims Processing Services


We Check the Box

Payroll Services

  • Employee Direct Deposit

  • Check Printing

  • Paycards

  • Employer Retention Credit

  • Tax Processing

  • w2 Processing

  • WOTC

Health & Wealth Services

  • HSA

  • FSA

  • HRA



  • Premium Only Plans

  • Retirement Services

Legal & Compliance Services

  • Business Legal Services

  • New Hire Reporting

  • ACA Compliance

  • COBRA Compliance

  • Worker’s Compensation

  • Employment Verification Services

  • Employer Retention Credit Assistance

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