Put Your Employees in the Driver Seat

With our self-service portal your employees are able to see and manage their own information and elections – freeing up your time, reducing errors, and giving them the sense of control and security necessary to do any great work.

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Image of employee onboarding in employee self-service portal desktop view

Cruise through Onboarding

Make a positive first impression with a streamlined onboarding process which guides employees through their onboarding tasks, ensuring a smooth transition into your organization.

  • Access important company resources
  • Complete tax forms
  • Sign employment agreements
  • Input tax withholding preference
  • Enroll in benefits



Manage Time & Pay

Keep your employees motivated by going above and beyond. With PrimePay, your employees can do much more with time & labor than just access their paystubs. They can have full control over their payday by:

  • Accessing their hard-earned money after each shift with On-Demand Pay.
  • Swapping shifts, clocking in & out, and requesting PTO right from their phone.
  • Making changes to their direct deposit and tax withholding preferences with anytime access.
  • Viewing a total compensation chart to get a real feel for how much you truly invest in them.



PrimePay's Employee Self-Service highlighting employee compensation

Screenshot of PrimePay's Benefits Software

Speed through Benefits

Take the complexities and confusion out of benefit enrollment with PrimePay’s intuitive benefit enrollment wizard. In each step of the enrollment process they can see:

  • What they elected the previous year.
  • Resources to help them make educated elections.
  • A comparison chart of their various options.
  • A running total of how much will be deducted from each paycheck.

At any point they can also report a life event and alter their elections prior to next open enrollment.


Hone in on Skills

Encourage employee engagement by advocating for their professional development. Give your employees opportunities to up-skill and perfect their art through:

  • Performance Reviews
  • On-Demand Learning Courses
  • License & Certification Tracking


Self-Evaluation Performance Management Employee Survey

And So Much More:

  • Total Compensation Chart
  • Paystub Breakdown Chart
  • Benefit Summary
  • Employment Timeline
  • Company Documents
  • Organization Chart
  • Customizable Quick Links
  • Incident Reporting
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Beneficiary & Dependent Information
  • Emergency Contact

They're Always on the Go, So We're Mobile First

Employee Self-Service Onboarding


Employee Self-Service Time & Attendance

Clock-in & out  

Employee Self-Service Benefit Report a life event

Manage Benefits

Employee Self-Service Performance Management


Why Our Clients Love PrimePay

“PrimePay HR is the one-stop shop for payroll and human resources…PrimePay HR is user-friendly and our employees can easily figure it out… They don’t have to ask questions like ‘Why am I filling this out?’ and ‘How do I get my benefit?’ All the information is there for them.”
Mike Silver, VP of Operations and Human Resources, Solution Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What is human resources software?

Human resources (HR) software is a type of technology designed to help businesses manage and automate many of the administrative tasks and processes related to HR. These programs often include a range of features and tools, such as the ability to store and organize employee information, track employee attendance and performance, and manage employee benefits and compensation. Some HR software can also help businesses with tasks such as recruiting and hiring new employees, conducting performance evaluations and providing training and development opportunities. Overall, the goal of HR software is to help businesses improve their HR processes and make them more efficient and effective.

Is HR Employee Self-Service technology secure and compliant with data privacy regulations?

Yes, reputable HR employee self-service systems prioritize data security and compliance with relevant data privacy regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA. These systems typically employ encryption, authentication protocols, and access controls to protect sensitive employee data. PrimePay’s Employee Self-Service mobile app ensures the highest level of security to protect sensitive payroll data while offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface for effortless navigation.

Can employees access their HR Employee Self-Service portal outside of the office or during non-working hours?

Yes, with PrimePay’s employee self-service portal, employees can access and make changes to their their data 24/7 from any internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets. This flexibility allows employees to manage their HR tasks at their convenience, whether they are at home, on the go, or outside regular business hours.

How does HR Employee Self-Service technology enhance data accuracy and reduce errors in HR processes?

HR self-service technology reduces errors by allowing employees to directly input and update their personal information. This reduces the need for manual data entry by HR staff, which can introduce errors. Additionally, the system has validation checks to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

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