It’s hard enough keeping up with the constant changes to your organizational structure.

Employees get promoted, change roles, or leave the company altogether and then new ones join the team and the org chart changes keep coming. The constant change of headcount, open positions, new hires, and position changes can wreak havoc on staffing and budgeting plans.

Back office teams are already overburdened with time-consuming administrative tasks and their technology is too manual, which detracts from their ability to focus on bigger company issues. PrimePay’s innovative position-based architecture covers the functionality gaps of other HR software by providing an efficient, convenient, and intuitive alternative to traditional person-based position and employee management practices.

PrimePay manages both position- and employee-specific data separately, but simultaneously, to empower HR and finance executives with the data access, transparency, and accuracy they need for more efficient operations while resolving the position control challenges that have plagued them for years:


Disappearing data

When an employee is promoted, changes roles, or leaves the organization the employee record is altered or deleted — along with all the information about the role.

Error-prone processes for updating deleted information

Compiling data from multiple spreadsheets and systems into a unified single source of truth is time-consuming and fraught with risk of miskeyed entries or other mistakes common to manual processes. A misplaced decimal point, a misclick on a drop-down menu, or other inadvertent data action can wreak havoc on payroll, budgeting, recruiting, and training plans.

Limited visibility into staffing needs or vacancies

The data deleted along with an employee information record is critical for HR teams to see open or ”unoccupied” positions. Without it, they’re mostly guessing.

Integrated human capital data and automated workflows for effortless, efficient position management

PrimePay HR’s HCM is the only solution built from a position-first perspective. Eliminate error-prone, redundant manual tasks, protect organization charts against completely collapsing as people enter and leave, and provide immediate insight into turnover rates, employee lifecycles, vacant positions, and other critical staffing metrics in real time, all from one place.


Budget vs. Actual comparisons

Persistent position information and current person data is date stamped, allowing managers and executives to quickly run reports on your annual workforce plans vs. present staffing levels.

Screenshot of PrimePay's HR Dashboard

Unified interface

Manage financial and staffing plans in the same system with seamless data integration, automated workflows, and unprecedented visibility.

Persistent position records

Keep vital position and role-based data even when an employee leaves the role or the company. Persistent data helps bring greater visibility into the state of the business and the agility to quickly capitalize on new staffing and business opportunities.

Why Our Clients Love PrimePay

I’m confident in Primepay for all my payroll needs. Their knowledge of payroll, my states’ laws regarding payroll. I am absolutely happy with them.

Julie M., Bookkeeper


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