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Take Your Time Back With Payroll Connected

When it comes to processing payroll, the slightest error can add hours to your run. PrimePay’s user-friendly Time & Attendance Software makes discrepancies a thing of the past with:

  • Mobile app and desktop tracking for employees

  • Data synchrony between time and payroll

  • Time review and approvals made easy

Time & Attendance Software Overview

Employee Time Tracking

Employee Time Tracking

Empower your team to track time with ease.

  • Single sign-on for payroll, time, and HR

  • Punch in from any desktop or mobile device

  • Designate time entry locations with geolocation & geofencing capabilities

  • Capture all employee hours worked across multiple locations & varying pay rates

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Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

Peace of mind with time-saving one-click access.

  • Gain organization-wide visibility & insights for cost control & decision-making

  • Stay on top of schedules & staffing

  • Monitor timecard statuses to prevent delays in payroll

  • Stay on top of absences, lateness, and accruals

Manager Workflows

Manager Workflows

Let automation rules do the work for you.

  • Streamline time off approvals

  • Set restrictions around how many hours employees can and can’t work

  • Enforce flexible, user-defined pay rules

  • Improve payroll accuracy with time data that automatically flows into payroll.

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Integrate with payroll, any time.

  • Connect PrimePay’s, or any time solution, with our payroll software

  • Manage exceptions to avoid payroll errors

  • Take action with notifications and automatic flags to exceptions that violate policies.

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Labor Reporting

Labor Reporting

Information-rich dashboards, real-time reports, and decision support tools.

  • Take immediate action & drive results with instant access to timesheets, employee schedules, & critical data

  • Intuitive navigation features, including application tabs, quick links, and drill-down

  • Capture labor information, perform labor transfers, & assign time to projects

Payroll and Time Tracking Software go hand-in-hand.

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Cost of a willful FLSA Violation


Of American employees inaccurately track time.


of employee timesheets need manager correction.

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Ensure Accuracy for Payroll

Accurate and smooth timekeeping, scheduling, and accrual monitoring with automatic data flow into PrimePay's payroll module.

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Automate Review & Approvals

Simplify tasks such as approving timesheets, responding to time-off requests, and managing schedules.


Compliance With Labor Laws

Mitigate the risk of federal and state wage-and-hour litigation that can cost you thousands of dollars in back wages when time is managed.


Control Costs

Put your budget towards just the right amount of hours worked. No overpaying. No underpaying.

And it’s all under one roof. Get all of your payroll, HR, and time done in the same place.

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We Check the Box

Time Management

  • Employee/manager self-service

  • Track Time on Projects

  • Overtime Control

  • Employee self-service time off request tool

  • Time-off planning


  • Automatically flow into payroll

  • Location Rules

  • Timesheet approval workflow

  • Autopopulated holidays

  • Security profile settings for defining access


  • Configurable dashboards

  • Custom/ad-hoc reports

  • Daily email summary report

  • Points history

  • Report across multiple pay periods

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Why Our Clients Love PrimePay

I’m confident in Primepay for all my payroll needs. Their knowledge of payroll, my states' laws regarding payroll. I am absolutely happy with them.

Julie M., Bookkeeper

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