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Navigating a tight talent market, staying compliant, and enhancing financial & grant stewardship are critical to success for nonprofits. Discover how PrimePay’s HCM software simplifies payroll and HR for charitable, religious, private, and political organizations.  

Acquire & Retain Top Talent

  • Competitive Benefits
  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Turnover Trend Analysis

Streamline Payroll & HR 

  • Employee Recordkeeping & Insights
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Self-Service

Avoid Compliance Fines & Penalties

  • Payroll Compliance
  • Labor Compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation

Automate Grant Tracking

  • Time and Labor Allocation
  • Part-time, Full-time, Volunteer Resources
  • Digital Reporting & Compliance

We were able to save the equivalent of a full-time hire by moving to PrimePay.


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Payroll in 1-2-3

Process payroll in only 3 steps and guarantee that employees receive their direct deposit, paychecks, on-demand pay, or pay cards accurately and on time.

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Payroll-Connected On-Demand Pay

HR Management

Easy People Management

Manage and automate administrative tasks and processes related to healthcare HR. Store and organize employee information, and provide employee self-service to manage employee benefits and compensation.

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Automated Clock-Ins & Clock-Outs

Enjoy our user-friendly, automated Time and Attendance software solution to track time and attendance, accruals, scheduling, and time off. Data is reflected across all modules to ensure compliance, cost control, optimize shift management, and help with managing shift differentials.

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Streamlined Processes

Eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with talent acquisition and applicant tracking. Facilitate competitive processes for healthcare employees, managers, and HR by leveraging our workflows, checklists, and streamlined onboarding.


Insightful Analysis

Accurately track historical employee data by position across our various modules. Analyze this data with our easy-to-use Report Builder to understand turnover metrics and preemptively act on signs of flight risk.


Guide Growth

Identify areas that need improvement with interactive dashboards, create ad-hoc reports to measure your business’s growth, and analyze your labor costs to ensure you’re remaining within budget. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can HCM software help nonprofits with grant tracking?
Whether grant funding comes from the government, a foundation or a corporation, nonprofits need to accurately report how they’ve spent the money or risk being noncompliant and losing current funds/ not having funding renewed. PrimePay provides an efficient and easier way to track labor for grant-funded projects through enhanced time tracking capabilities that allow nonprofit managers to create schedules to align staffing requirements with budget, needs and employee scheduling preferences. PrimePay’s time tracking capabilities also push nonprofit managers notification if a schedule violates a rule like staff to participant ratios—before it becomes a compliance issue and deliver insights into the workforce, such as tardiness, absenteeism, overtime, or turnover to help leaders identify and proactively address problem areas.
How does Payroll Software help streamline the process for nonprofits?

Payroll processing can be a complex area for nonprofits, requiring meticulous attention to detail. PrimePay’s payroll processing tools provide a streamlined process, guaranteeing precise and punctual payments for nonprofit employees. PrimePay’s automation of payroll helps nonprofits eliminate errors caused by manual calculations, ensuring tax compliance and accurate employee information.

What are the key areas of HR in a nonprofit that HCM software can enhance?

The nonprofit industry faces many unique HR challenges compared to the for-profit sector. Key areas of HR in a nonprofit include grant and funding tracking, staffing and managing payroll and tax compliance. Without the right HR software in place, these tasks can become overwhelming or risk inaccuracy. PrimePay enhances all of these key HR functions with its functionality, enabling the configuration of custom dashboards that track hours against grants, position-based architecture that gives immediate and real-time insight into staffing and the ability to automate and improve compliance with centralized policy management.

What is position control in HCM?

Many of the leading HR softwares still couple employee and position data together, meaning that HR teams lose important strategic workforce planning data anytime an employee terms. Unlike other HCM software, PrimePay’s position control, or position management, core architecture keeps position data separate, but in the same system, from employee data so nonprofit managers can see strategic workforce planning data unencumbered by employee turnover. PrimePay’s time-machine technology also enables nonprofit managers to effortlessly access updated and accurate staffing data for greater immediate insight into not only turnover rates and vacant positions today, but in the past and future. Monitor budgeted headcount, planned compensation, and volunteer staffing levels to gain better data insights into shifts in the business related to events like new donations or grant approval all from a single platform.

Do nonprofits have HR departments?

Yes, nonprofits usually have an HR department, even if it is not a separate one. HR duties, such as recruitment, hiring, screening, and compensation, are essential in any nonprofit organization.

How does HR Software save time for non-profits?

Managing everyday HR tasks efficiently is critical for the success of any nonprofit organization. PrimePay’s best HR software provides an array of time-saving tools, such as job board integration, and self-service portals, which help HR teams streamline their core HR services and focus on more strategic tasks with the help of HR management software.

How does HR Software help nonprofits attract and keep top-talent?

By offering features like applicant tracking systems for recruiting and retention, reporting back to funders, and improving visibility to optimize efficiency, PrimePay’s HR solution helps nonprofits acquire and maintain high-caliber personnel.

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