“The solution’s automation functionality means that activities like payroll processing and validation that used to take us 15 or 20 hours per week can now be done in a matter of minutes.”
Jeff Berliner
Chief Information Officer

Seamless integration and advanced automation for simplicity and efficiency

Eager to find a more intuitive, transparent, and efficient system for managing vital people-related functions, IAS deployed PrimePay HR. In particular, The Institute chose PrimePay for its seamless and security integrations with NetSuite, centralized database for accurate and updated employee data, and rich automation capabilities that streamlined previously time-consuming manual processes.

With PrimePay, IAS can automatically calculate and communicate employee paid time off balances, apply holiday pay, and other payroll adjustments automatically to save time, effort, and frustration. The platform’s tight integration with NetSuite eliminates many of the data security, accessibility, and accuracy concerns IAS had with its previous system, while also accelerating fundamental operations like payroll processing and benefits administration. 

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Initial Challenges

  • Improving efficiency in benefits, payroll, and other people operations
  • Enhancing data security, accuracy, and currency
  • Increasing visibility and transparency into core HR operations
  • Enabling greater employee self-service


  • The Institute for Advanced Study is using PrimePay along with NetSuite to automate essential benefits, payroll, and time-off accrual functions.


  • Reduced payroll processing and validation from 15 hours per week to just minutes
  • Enabled self-service benefits selection and enrollment, complete with automatic transmission to benefits carriers
  • Eliminated more than 30 hours of manual benefits processing each month
  • Improved campus-wide connectivity and data transfer