Enhance productivity, efficiency, and true employee engagement with a sustained, personalized performance management system.

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What gets measured, gets managed.

But for many organizations, assessing and managing employee performance feels like an impossible task for human resources departments and managers. It takes dedication, a ton of time, and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that employees dread.

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Modern performance management tools for the modern workplace

Add the ebbs and flows of the work landscape, and it’s no wonder employees and employers alike are clamoring for a more modern, engaging, user-friendly, and personal approach to employee performance management.

SyncHR’s Performance Management Solution, powered by an industry leader like Bridge is an innovative, employee-centric employee performance management solution that helps businesses:

  • Drive employee engagement with ongoing 1:1 performance coaching and job mentoring
  • Gain 360-degree feedback on individual and team-wide performance
  • Celebrate top performers and high-performing teams
  • Align individual employee performance with broader organizational objectives and company goals
  • Identify opportunities for learning integrations and skill development to close skill gaps and improve outcomes for the business and individual employees
  • Highlight new competencies to further employee career development
  • Automate time-consuming tasks associated with the performance appraisal process, leaving more time to focus on employee development
  • Streamline the performance review process with continuous feedback, starting with onboarding
  • Improve the employee experience with goal tracking, development plans, and continuous performance management


Analytics dashboards

Track, measure, and help your employees achieve career growth with robust, real-time insights into goal alignment, skill mastery, and the ideal check-in cadence for each employee in your organization.


Screenshot of PrimePay's Performance Management Software

OKRs and Goal Setting

Clearly define job task expectations, timelines, and performance benchmarks for individuals across the business while aligning personal goals with broader company objectives.

Job description, salary, and benchmarks library

Create an end to end talent management system that engages team members from day 1. Standardize performance expectations with customizable position profiles, performance benchmarks and definitions for simpler performance evaluation and more equitable compensation adjustments.


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I’m confident in Primepay for all my payroll needs. Their knowledge of payroll, my states’ laws regarding payroll. I am absolutely happy with them.

Julie M., Bookkeeper


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