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Performance Management Software

Use one unified platform to empower your teams at scale. Whether you’re just getting started in your performance management journey or are a pro, PrimePay Perform just fits.

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  • HR Native
  • Configurable templates and weighted questions
  • Easy Reporting

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Protect Your Time. Unlock Potential.

Managing your team’s performance can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially as your organization expands. PrimePay simplifies the process, giving you time back and facilitating the way you drive productivity, engage your employees, and achieve organizational goals.

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Enjoy One Platform for Everything

Unlock unparalleled efficiency for you and your employees with a unified platform where performance management is native to HR

Whether you want to quickly identify who’s due for a raise by comparing a performance evaluation event and your employees’ compensation history, or your employees need to quickly search for someone on the org chart prior to completing their performance review survey, it’s all in one place.


Drive Business Impact

Leverage ratings and metrics to easily compare evaluations. Celebrate high achievers, offer targeted support to those with lower ratings, and implement employee feedback.

Empower your teams, collectively work towards organizational success, and deepen your relationship with your employees by encouraging communication.


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Easily Configure & Scale  

Save time with configurable templates, access a library of competencies and define how questions are weighted—all through a user-friendly interface.

Weather you want to keep a pulse on employee satisfaction, company culture, or employees’ performance, launch performance evaluation events in as quickly as 5 minutes by choosing from your template library.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is performance management software?

Designed to stimulate employee productivity and provide valuable insights into employee performance, performance management software is a tool that optimizes organizational performance. It includes features for performance reviews, check-ins, goal setting, review forms, and data reporting, enabling continuous monitoring and evaluation of each employee’s performance.

Does my company need performance management software?

Performance management software benefits companies of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, performance management software can:

  • Streamline your appraisal processes

  • Enhance team performance

  • Boost productivity

  • Facilitate goal setting and progress tracking.

What is performance management software?

In essence, performance management software is a tool that aids managers in evaluating their employees’ job performance. From providing a platform for managers and employees to interact to facilitate the seamless execution of performance reviews, this software is a one-stop solution for all performance management needs. Examples of such software include Lattice and BambooHR®, which focus on talent management and uniquely facilitate performance management.

Whether it’s promoting objectivity in appraisals, as BambooHR® does, or leveraging continuous feedback to enhance employee performance and engagement, like PerformYard, performance management software plays a pivotal role in modern business operations.

What are key features of effective management software?

A range of standout features designed to enhance the performance management process characterizes effective management software. As provided by Paycor, customizable templates allow organizations to tailor evaluations to meet the specific needs of teams and individuals, ensuring relevant and practical performance assessments. Goal tracking, another significant feature, facilitates the setting of SMART goals and monitoring their progress, establishing a clear and transparent route to achieving objectives.

Additionally, analytics play a crucial role in performance management software, providing real-time performance data on goal performance and team trends, enabling organizations to make informed decisions to enhance employee performance.

Who uses performance management software?

Every employee at the company uses performance management software, and HR professionals benefit the most, especially those transitioning from manual processes. Regardless of industry or size, any company can benefit from a performance management system.

How can I choose the best performance management software?

When choosing performance management software, consider factors like ease of use, integration capabilities, features, and alignment with your business objectives and budget. Selecting the right software involves careful consideration of these aspects.


What are some common problems with performance management systems?

Underutilization, bias, and lack of structure are common problems in performance management systems. Performance management software can effectively tackle these issues by:

  • Providing mechanisms for trackable feedback

  • Capturing valuable data for more objective insights into employee performance and development needs

  • Clarifying employee goals with their actual performance.