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CPA Payroll Solution. Helping CPAs save time, reduce errors and ensure compliance for their clients.

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Streamline Payroll and Add Value for Your Clients.

PrimePay Wholesale helps CPAs save time, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with tax and labor laws. CPAs are able to extend their product offerings without the need for additional resources, and provide their clients with consistent and accurate payroll services.

Precise Payroll Processing

Improve the quality of your service, increase efficiency, and reduce costs associated with errors and delays.


Easy 3-Step Process

PrimePay stays up-to-date with federal, state, & local payroll regulations, making it easier for you to stay compliant.


Streamlined Solutions

PrimePay Wholesale allows you to run payroll for all or some of your clients through a single system, saving time and resources.


Step 1: Create Checks

Step 1

Create Checks

Review and verify your payroll settings and confirm time punches. Once ready, click “Create Checks”,

Step 2: Pay Your Employees

Step 2

Pay Your Employees

View employee pay individually or aggregate, make manual changes quickly and easily, track which employees have pay calculated and which are outstanding.

Step 3: Review & Submit Payroll

Step 3

Review & Submit Payroll

View your payroll total summary, review accuracy with a Journal Preview report, submit payroll!

Perfect for CPAs supporting small businesses with simple payroll needs

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PrimePay’s intuitive payroll module integrates seamlessly with our time and human resources modules. as well as other third-party providers, for a scalable solution that can adapt and grow with your business.

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Cut down on manual work and reduce pay errors with automated payroll processing that ensures all employee deduction and tax data are captured and included in your payroll run for accurate worker pay every time.

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Stay in compliance with payroll technology that proactively alerts you to errors with your payroll data so you can correct, commit and continue to focus on growing your business.

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Why Our Clients Love PrimePay

I’m confident in Primepay for all my payroll needs. Their knowledge of payroll, my states’ laws regarding payroll. I am absolutely happy with them.
Julie M., Bookkeeper

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payroll wholesale product?

A payroll wholesale product is a service that enables CPAs, accounting firms, and other
professionals to outsource payroll processing for their clients to a third-party provider.

How does a payroll wholesale product work?

The CPA sends the payroll data to the provider, who then processes the payroll, calculates taxes
and deductions, and prepares paychecks or direct deposits for the clients. The CPA can then
review the results and distribute paychecks or direct deposits to their clients.

What are the benefits of using a payroll wholesale product?

Using a payroll wholesale product can save CPAs time and resources by outsourcing the payroll
process. It can also reduce errors and ensure compliance with tax and labor laws. The CPA will
remain as the point of contact for their clients, and PrimePay will be supporting the CPA as

What is PrimePay Wholesale?

PrimePay Wholesale is a payroll processing solution specifically designed for CPAs who want to
expand their product offerings to include payroll services for their clients. It enables CPAs to
manage their clients’ payroll processes using PrimePay’s software while still remaining as their
client’s point of contact. It also allows CPAs to set their own margins and charge their clients
what they want.

How does PrimePay Wholesale work?

CPAs work with PrimePay to set up their account and have full access to PrimePay’s software.
The software handles calculations for taxes and deductions and prepares paychecks or direct
deposits for the clients. The CPA remains the primary point of contact for their clients, and
PrimePay works behind the scenes to facilitate the payroll processing.

What are the benefits of using PrimePay Wholesale?

PrimePay Wholesale can save CPAs time and resources by using PrimePay’s payroll software,
reduce errors, and ensure compliance with tax and labor laws. CPAs can also extend their
product offerings to include payroll services without having to invest in additional resources.
Based on their pricing, they can add employees to their account, increasing their opportunity
for additional revenue.

By using PrimePay’s Wholesale Payroll, CPAs can also benefit from adding on or bundling
additional services – such as onboarding, Worker’s Compensation, Time and Labor
Management, Flex Services, etc. 

What is the role of the CPA in the payroll processing process?

The CPA remains the primary point of contact for their clients and coordinates the client
onboarding process with PrimePay. The CPA also reviews the payroll data processed by
PrimePay and distributes paychecks or direct deposits to their clients.

How does PrimePay Wholesale compare to in-house payroll processing?

Using PrimePay Wholesale can be more cost-effective and efficient than in-house payroll
processing, especially for small to mid-sized businesses. It can also reduce the risk of errors and
noncompliance with tax and labor laws, freeing up time for the CPA to focus on other aspects of
their business.


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