Revolutionizing the Workplace through Employee-Centric Strategies


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About this Webinar

Tune into this our webinar on “Mastering Employee-Centric Strategies for Organizational Success” and learn how these HR Leaders are revolutionizing their workplaces. Discover how to harness employee self-service platforms to streamline HR processes and boost engagement. With an expert panel sharing practical insights and real-world examples, this webinar is a treasure trove of strategies to enhance your HR practices. Gain invaluable knowledge on creating an engaging onboarding process, balancing technology with a human touch, and measuring the effectiveness of your employee experience initiatives. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reshape your workplace dynamics for the better.

Key Statistics

  • Organizations with a strong EX focus are 4.4 times more likely to have highly engaged employees.
  • HR technologies have a positive impact on employees’ perceptions of their company.

Expert Insights

The panel comprised of experienced professionals from different sectors, sharing real-world examples and strategies.


  • Effective onboarding is essential for long-term employee retention.
  • The panel discussed overcoming challenges in onboarding by integrating comprehensive platforms that ease the process for new hires and HR specialists.

Employee Experience for Tenured Employees

  • Balancing personalized experience without overwhelming employees is key.
  • Leveraging technology with a human touch ensures that employees feel valued and supported.

Self-Service and Transparency

  • Self-service platforms empower employees by providing direct access to personal and employment information, leading to greater efficiency and accuracy.
  • Transparency in operations and processes enhances employee trust and engagement.

Technology vs Human Touch

  • Technology should be an enabler, not a replacement, of the human aspect in HR processes.
  • Intuitive design and user-friendly platforms are critical for infrequent system users to navigate effectively.

Measuring Employee Experience

  • Various metrics such as turnover, attrition, and employee feedback are used to measure EX.
  • Technology platforms help in gathering real-time data to inform and improve strategies.


  • Employee experience is more than a trend; it’s integral to organizational growth.
  • The strategic integration of employee self-service is vital in enhancing EX.

Actionable Insights

  • Attendees were encouraged to use the shared strategies and insights to improve their organizational practices.
  • Resources were provided for further exploration of employee self-service benefits.

In conclusion, the webinar emphasized the transformational impact of employee-centric strategies on organizational success, highlighting the importance of technology in enhancing employee experience while underscoring the indispensable value of human interaction in HR processes.


Robbie Strong: Robbie brings over eighteen years of experience in the healthcare sector to her role as Director of Talent and Strategy at Consonus Pharmacy. Her expertise lies in human resources and organizational design, which she utilizes to create impactful employee experiences. Her work involves integrating her vast knowledge to advance the company’s talent strategies.

Sandra Martinez: As the VP of HR Talent and Analytics at EverView, Sandra applies her twenty years of experience in talent acquisition, HR strategy, employee engagement, and process optimization. She is adept at employing technology to streamline processes, ensuring continuity and compliance across the company’s various locations. Sandra is passionate about blending technology with the human touch to boost efficiency and enhance the employee experience.

Jamie Press: Jamie has been with PrimePay since 2008, serving as the SVP of Human Resources. Her responsibilities include leading initiatives to enhance employee engagement, developing workplace policies, and working with other leaders to build a culture of high performance. Jamie has a rich background in HR and has gained valuable experience across different industries such as technology, consumer products, and manufacturing.

Adil Shabbir: Adil is responsible for overseeing the development of PrimePay’s HCM SaaS solutions and steering the product’s go-to-market strategy with an emphasis on innovation. Before his current role, he was the Chief Technology and Product Officer at Atlas, where he led the development of a global software platform aimed at improving the work experience for employers and employees alike.

Maria Mercado: Maria serves as a Product Marketing analyst at PrimePay and has been with the company since January. She is enthusiastic about her role and is the moderator for the current panel discussion. Her work focuses on marketing strategies related to PrimePay’s offerings.