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Includes PrimePay Payroll or you can easily add PrimePay HR to your payroll system. 

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Starting at just $5.

Per month, per employee on our HR Essentials or
HCM Essentials bundle.

Get essential HR functions fast and affordable for your business:

  • Automated employee recordkeeping
  • Time-off management & accruals
  • Mobile employee self-service
  • HR reporting & insights
  • Standard workflows & approvals
  • Drag & drop org management
  • Customer portal with 24/7 help center, chat & email support

*Additional terms apply.

*The 50% Off 4 Months of HR Promotion will run from October 1, 2023, until December 31, 2023, unless terminated earlier by PrimePay in its sole discretion, and is subject to the following eligibility requirements. The promotion will be provided to Customers located in the United States. Clients will receive a fifty percent (50%) discount on on either PrimePay HR Essentials or PrimePay HCM Essentials fees for the period of the initial four (4) months of the Term, which consists of standard monthly per-employee fees. Requires 1-year contract and 25-user minimum. Additional terms and conditions apply. Void where prohibited.

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“I wanted to have all the onboarding requirements, health benefit information, and performance evaluations online so anybody with the right permissions could access them 24/7. PrimePay HR is the one-stop shop for payroll and human resources.” 


Mike Silver, VP of Operations and Human Resources, Solution Group


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About PrimePay HR

Synchronous HRIS at its Best

✔ Enter data and records once
✔ Manage your org in a simple interface
✔ Streamline tasks with Auto Workflows
✔ Run real-time Reports & Analytics

Payroll & Time Connected

Payroll and time – better together. Eliminate the need for manual entry of time-tracking data into the payroll system, reducing the risk of errors and making the payroll process more efficient.

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Benefits Linked

Easily calculate employee pay and deductions, with employee benefits information automatically passed on to the payroll system. No more manual entry and risks of errors.

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Manage and automate employee profiles, including the data and paperwork required to set up new hires, and create an automatic termination process that can be simply repeated each time you need to utilize it.


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