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Rachel Fausnaught

Rachel is the Corporate Communications Specialist for PrimePay. Before starting her career in the marketing world, she worked for a local TV news station writing for the website and handling the station’s social media platforms.

A creative writer at heart, Rachel loves to insert her style into any of the copy she creates. Outside of work, you can find Rachel playing soccer, or cheering on her Steelers with a Starbucks in hand.

3 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

October 26, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” – Rocky Balboa.Do you feel like you’ve found your calling in life? More than 50 percent of our clients say they...

[Infographic] Consumer Driven Health Care: Full Speed Ahead

pre-tax health plans, benefit services
October 21, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Forty-five percent of consumers don’t know what their health care expenses will be this year. Do you?As the price of health care continues to rise, one phrase is starting to make quite some...

And the #PrimePay30 Giveaway Winners are…

anniversary, contest, giveaway, small business
October 20, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
As we officially marked our 30 year anniversary this month, we just want to say thank you to all of our clients for making this milestone possible.For those who weren’t aware, part of our...

4 Things Your Small Biz Should Know About Workers’ Comp

workers' comp insurance, workers' compensation
October 19, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
As we creep closer to the holiday season, for a lot of small businesses, this means you’re preparing for your busy season. If you’re considering adding staff members to help get you...

Prevent Payday Panic with PrimePay’s New Time Clock Software

October 17, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
According to the American Payroll Association, almost 75 percent of businesses in the U.S. are affected by time theft. Our new software will help make sure this doesn’t happen to you.We’...

IRS Warns of Fake ACA Tax Bill Emails

October 14, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Check your inbox, carefully. There’s another scam to be aware of. The IRS is warning consumers to pay close attention to fake emails that contain an IRS tax bill related to the Affordable Care...

Overcoming That One Hurdle Slowing Down Business Growth

manufacturing, small business, clients
October 5, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
If you’re reading this article, you probably have already rolled your eyes at the title… “ONE hurdle?” “I have a million obstacles to overcome!”  But if you...

Unique Ways to Get Support for Your Nonprofit

nonprofit, small business, fundraising
September 28, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Your heart is racing, skipping beats. Your palms are sweating with each second of growing anticipation. Then, your kicker misses the game-tying field goal that would’ve sent your team into the...

Contest Update: Last Chance to Win Part of $30K Prize

small business, giveaway, contest
September 21, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Our clients are truly special. As if we needed more proof, the contest we’ve been running over the past few months has given us a deeper look into what makes these companies so great.With just...

ACA Basics: How the Size of Your Workforce Affects Responsibilities

September 19, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
It’s hard to believe we’re already talking about Affordable Care Act responsibilities again, but it’s better to start now than be left scrambling later. If you’re a first time...


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