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Human Resource professionals are the backbone of any organization, ensuring that employees are engaged, supported, and able to excel in their roles. Yet, their contributions often go unnoticed. We’ve all heard of Employee Appreciation Day, but have you heard of Human Resource Professional Day? It’s time to change that!

Human Resource Professional Day is an annual event dedicated to honoring and raising awareness about the crucial role of Human resources in organizations. Are you ready to dive into the history, activities, and gifts that make this day extraordinary?

In this post, we will explore the origins of Human Resource Professional Day, discuss the significance of celebrating HR teams, and provide ideas for activities, events, and gifts to show appreciation. Let’s start on this journey to celebrate the unsung heroes of our organizations!

When is Human Resource Professional Day celebrated?

Every year on September 26th.

Key Takeaways

  • Human Resource Professional Day is an annual celebration that recognizes the invaluable contributions of an HR team to organizations.

  • Organizations can celebrate by hosting recognition and development events, offering professional development opportunities, creating appreciation campaigns, and giving thoughtful gifts to their HR Team.

  • Enhancing HR practices & policies helps promote diversity & inclusion while encouraging work-life balance for all employees.

Understanding Human Resource Professional Day

Group of human resource professionals celebrating HR Professional Day.

Every year on September 26, we commemorate Human Resource Professional Day to honor the pivotal role of Human Resources and Human Resource teams within organizations. These dedicated individuals are responsible for:

  • Developing human capital by engaging with employees
  • Organizing campaigns to cultivate a healthy organizational culture
  • Ensuring the smooth functioning of their respective organizations

The primary objective of HR departments is to facilitate employee success, and by celebrating HR Professional Day, we bring attention to the essential role of the HR team in achieving that goal.

From recruiting and hiring the right people to managing employee relations, developing and implementing policies, and providing guidance and support, HR teams are crucial to the success of any organization. The celebration of HR Professional Day serves as recognition of their relentless efforts and dedication, promoting growth within the field and cultivating a positive workplace environment conducive to human capital development.

The Origins of Human Resource Professional Day

In October 2013, Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen established Human Resource Professional Day, dedicated a day to recognize the contributions of HR teams. Since its inception, HR Professional Day has been celebrated on September 26, serving as an annual reminder to appreciate the tireless efforts of human resource professionals in developing human capital and creating a positive work environment.

Celebrating HR teams allows us to honor their vital role in legal interpretation, corporate liaison duties, and managing diverse aspects of employee experience within the HR department job market. Their invaluable work deserves recognition as they spend time operating staff, negotiating with unions, and planning for the new future of work.

The Significance of Celebrating Human Resource Professionals

The act of celebrating HR teams extends beyond merely recognizing their diligent efforts. Honoring their contributions to organizations paves the way for growth in the HR field and fosters a workplace atmosphere conducive to human capital development. This celebration raises awareness of the importance of the HR field, motivating more individuals to pursue a career in HR and inspiring current professionals to strive for excellence in their roles.

A healthy working environment, facilitated by the dedication of HR teams, benefits employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. Cultivating a supportive culture that bolsters collaboration and innovation empowers human resources professionals to accomplish all vital tasks, contributing to the organization’s overall success.

So don’t wait––make it a priority to celebrate human resource professionals!

Is there a national Human Resource week?

Although no specific national HR week exists, HR Professional Day is a dedicated day to recognize and honor HR professionals for their invaluable contributions to organizations. This annual celebration highlights the importance of the HR field and the essential role HR teams play in ensuring the success and well-being of employees.

A group of HR professionals celebrating Human Resource Professional Day with a cake and balloons.

How do you celebrate Human Resource Professional Day?

The celebration of HR Professional Day can manifest in various ways, such as:

  • Hosting a recognition event
  • Sending personalized appreciation messages
  • Organizing professional development workshops
  • Establishing an HR appreciation wall
  • Soliciting feedback and suggestions from employees to improve HR practices
  • Hosting an HR meet and greet to educate others about the work of HR professionals and encourage collaboration between departments.

In addition to these activities and events, thoughtful gifts can be a meaningful way to show appreciation for the work of Human Resources. Personalized office supplies, relaxation and wellness items, or experience-based gifts are all excellent options to express gratitude and celebrate their dedication to the organization.

Honoring Human Resource Professionals: Activities & Events

On HR Professional Day, it is essential to participate in activities and events that spotlight the achievements and contributions of Human Resources. Organizing team-building activities, providing professional development opportunities, and launching appreciation campaigns are effective ways to express our gratitude and support for their unwavering commitment to the organization.

These activities and events not only celebrate the accomplishments of HR teams but also provide them with opportunities for growth and development. Investing in their success strengthens the HR field and creates a better working environment for all employees.

Organize a Team-Building Activity

Group of HR professionals attending a professional development seminar.

Team-building activities are a fantastic way to foster collaboration and appreciation among HR teams and other departments. These activities can enhance communication, problem-solving, and decision-making aptitudes, ultimately contributing to a more productive and cohesive work environment.

It’s essential to tailor team-building activities to the team’s needs, ensuring they are enjoyable, stimulating, well-structured, and organized. Examples of suitable team-building activities for HR teams include:

  • Escape Rooms

  • Team Refinement Exercise

  • Two Truths and One Lie

  • Blind Drawing

  • Rapid Fire

  • Human Resources Trivia

  • Bingo

  • Karaoke

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Group of HR professionals celebrating an appreciation campaign.

Professional development is paramount for Human Resources as it keeps them up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices and enhances their job satisfaction and career prospects. Employers can facilitate professional development opportunities for their HR team members by offering an HR seminar, sponsoring conferences, providing access to online courses, and offering certification programs.

Some examples of professional development opportunities include:

  • Leadership development

  • Communication skills seminars and workshops

  • Conflict resolution training

  • Industry conferences like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference and the International Association of Human Resource Professionals (IAHRP) Conference.

Create an Appreciation Campaign

Launching an appreciation campaign, be it on social media or an internal recognition program, effectively acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of HR teams. By showcasing their hard work and dedication, we can inspire others to appreciate the HR field’s importance and its impact on organizational success.

When creating a social media campaign, consider constructing a hashtag, disseminating information about HR teams, and interacting with followers to generate engagement and awareness. For an internal recognition program, consider implementing certificates, awards, and a virtual event to honor the dedication of HR teams to improving employee engagement and fostering a positive atmosphere.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Human Resource Professionals

On HR Professional Day, presenting thoughtful gifts can serve as a significant means to express appreciation for Human Resources. By choosing facilities that cater to their needs and preferences, we can express our gratitude and support for their dedication to the organization.

The options are vast for finding the perfect gift to celebrate HR teams, ranging from personalized office supplies and relaxation and wellness items to experience-based gifts. Let’s explore some of these gift ideas in more detail.

Personalized Human Resources mug.

Ostuni – HR Professionals Mug

Personalized Office Supplies

Personalized office supplies such as custom planners or engraved pens make thoughtful and practical gifts for HR teams. These gifts serve a functional purpose and add a personal touch, making them a memorable and meaningful gesture of appreciation.

To find personalized office supplies, consider browsing websites like Etsy, Zazzle, or Office Supply, where you can find a wide range of customizable items, from mugs and pens to notebooks with the HR professional’s name or initials. Here are some great HR Professional items on Esty.

Relaxation & Wellness Gifts

After a long day of managing employee relations and organizational responsibilities, relaxation and wellness gifts can be a welcome treat for HR professionals. These gifts can help them unwind and recharge, ultimately contributing to their well-being and job satisfaction.

Some examples of relaxation and wellness gifts include:

  • Spa gift cards

  • Aromatherapy diffusers

  • Massage chairs

  • A subscription to a healthy snack service

These thoughtful gifts can provide much-needed moments of relaxation and self-care for HR team members, allowing them to return to work refreshed and reenergized.

Experience-Based Gifts

Experience-based gifts, such as tickets to a concert or a weekend getaway, can create lasting memories for HR team members. These gifts offer a unique and memorable experience that can be tailored to the recipient’s interests and preferences.

Experience-based gifts include tickets to a professional development seminar, a subscription to a professional organization, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant. By selecting experiences that align with the interests and passions of HR pros, you can create a lasting impression and show your appreciation for their dedication to the organization.

Encouraging Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is vital for the well-being and prosperity of HR professionals and employees. By offering flexible working hours, allowing for remote work, and promoting a healthy company culture, organizations can help employees maintain a healthy relationship between their professional and personal lives.

Leadership plays a critical role in fostering work-life balance by demonstrating behaviors such as taking regular breaks, establishing clear expectations around working hours, and encouraging employees to take time off when needed. Organizations can create a more productive and positive work environment for all employees by promoting work-life balance and ensuring all crucial tasks are managed effectively.


In conclusion, Human Resource Professional Day is a vital celebration that honors the essential role of Human Resource Professionals in organizations. By understanding the origins and significance of this day, organizing activities and events, and selecting thoughtful gifts, we can show our appreciation for their dedication and contributions to the success of our organizations.

As we celebrate HR Professional Day, let’s commit to enhancing HR practices and policies that promote diversity and inclusion and encourage work-life balance. Doing so creates a better working environment for all employees and fosters a culture of success, well-being, and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you celebrate Human Resource Professional Day?

Celebrate Human Resource Professional Day by hosting a special recognition event and taking the time to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Give out awards, certificates, or personalized tokens of appreciation, and consider organizing a team-building day out to build the team bond further.

What is the theme of Human Resource Professional Day 2023?

The theme for International HR Day 2023 is “Shaping the New Future,” emphasizing the importance of creating a workplace culture that promotes trust, equality, diversity, and inclusion. HR team members are called upon to create a new identity for the future of work that continuously innovates and is more inclusive and adaptable for employees, organizations, and society.


When was International Human Resource Professional Day?

Every year on May 20, International HR Day is celebrated to recognize and honor the achievements of HR teams worldwide. The day honors the crucial role HRM plays in the success of enterprises.

What is the purpose of Human Resource Professional Day?

HR Professional Day is a way to recognize and honor Human Resources’ vital role in organizations, celebrating their hard work and dedication.